• The Aspiration System can be used in Heater Mixer, Cooler Mixer,Intermediate (Receiving Hopper) & Pressure Conveying System Directly
    with Butter Fly Valve.
  • This Vacuum unit is directly mounted with the system in order to remove moisture content from PVC Resin as well as from the additives. This system is designed to extract volatiles and harmful gas of monomer.
  • During mixing process, the temperature of the product mix gets elevated due to friction at the same time chlorine gas is also liberated, which is efficiently removed by vacuum.
  • This system also helps to reduce odor generated due to addition of metal stabilizer, plasticizer and other additives.
  • This system is so designed to build up or setting of mixing powder on the heater mixer lid. This will eliminate contamination mixing into dry blend during discharge from heater mixer.